Tojiro Senkou Special 5 Piece Knife Set SK-53143

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Tojiro Senkou 5 Piece Knife Sets/Gift Sets include every Tojiro Senkou Knife to get you started in the kitchen and to start your Tojiro Senkou Kitchen Knife Collection.

  • Tojiro Senkou 21CM Chef's Knife SK6321
  • Tojiro Senkou 24cm Bread Knife SK6332
  • Tojiro Senkou 18cm Vegetable Knife SK6312
  • Tojiro Senkou 13cm Utility Knife SK3704
  • Tojiro Senkou 10cm Paring Knife SK3703

Tojiro Senkou 5 Piece Knife Sets/Gift Sets are displayed in a stunning black presentation case.

Tojiro Senkou Japanese knives are Heston Blumenthal's (Fat Duck Restaurant chef in Bray) favourite knives and have kitted out all his chef's with the Tojiro Senkou knives. As with all Japanese Knives the Tojiro Senkou Knives have extremely sharp blades.

Tojiro Senkou knives have a striking appearance and strong blades. The blade of the Tojiro Senkou Knives is made of up to 62 layers of steel which involves the steel to be folded around a hardened blade core. The outer layers of steel are stainless steel which is extremely resistant to rusting, staining and piting.

Tojiro Knives Senkou handles are made from hardwearing Micarta material and stainless steel which makes the knife very comfortable to handle and is also strong at the same time. Some chef's find stainless steel handles to be light to feel, with Tojiro Senkou they have been weighted which gives them a perfectly balance weight between the handle and the blade.