Cleaver Knives

Certainly, a meat cleaver proves to be a versatile and robust tool in the kitchen, serving various purposes. Here are some key uses: 1. Tenderising: The weight and design of a meat cleaver make it effective for tenderising tougher cuts of meat by breaking down muscle fibres. 2. Mincing: The broad blade of a meat cleaver allows for efficient mincing of meat, making it a useful tool for preparing ground meat or minced ingredients. 3. Slicing: A meat cleaver can be employed for slicing through larger cuts of meat or poultry, providing clean and precise cuts. 4. Scaling: The flat side of the cleaver can be utilised for scaling fish, making it a handy tool for seafood preparation. 5. Bone Cutting: The sturdy construction of a meat cleaver enables it to cut through bones, proving useful for portioning meat with bones or preparing bone-in cuts. When dealing with whole pieces of meat that still contain bone, a meat cleaver becomes particularly handy for efficiently breaking down and preparing the meat for cooking.

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