Michel Roux Jr Global Knives

Michel Roux JrThe Roux name is synonymous with the finest qualities of French haute cuisine. Michel Roux was born into Le Gavroche and was schooled in its kitchens, where he was imbued with its unique atmosphere and style.

As a result, Michel Roux Jr. has a deep respect for the classical foundations of French cooking. It is a cuisine which, perhaps more than any other, has shown a capacity to move with the times, to develop new techniques, to absorb new ideas and ingredients, to re-invent itself without losing its cultural identity. It is in these new directions that Michel Roux Jr has taken the cooking at Le Gavroche.

The innovative and revolutionary style and the superb cutting performance of Global knives have made them favourites amongst professional chefs and hobby cooks around the world. These qualities also make for a perfect synergy with Michel Roux, who states that "iconic styling, perfect balance and unrivalled sharpness make Global knives trusted companions in my kitchen.