Tojiro Knives

Tojiro knives are perfect for Left Handed Chefs. Any of the range that begins with SK-6 has been skillfully crafted to be double-edged. SK-3 knives are single edged are more suited to right-handed chefs.

Celebrity Chef Claims Luxury Japanese Knives as his Favourite

HestonCelebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, owner of the 3-Michelin starred Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, officially endorses the Tojiro Senkou knife range after he found them to be his favourite knives.

The new Tojiro Senkou range of Japanese kitchen knives and accessories makes centuries of Samurai sword making tradition and expertise accessible to everyone. After testing under laboratory conditions, Tojiro Senkou has been found to be one of the sharpest kitchen knife ranges on the market.

These knives are the ultimate kitchen accessory.