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Global GS63 - 11cm Fish Bone Tweezers (GS-63)

Global GS63 - 11cm Fish Bone Tweezers (GS-63)

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The Global Series of knives and accessories are a firm favourite in kitchens the world over, and for good reason. Their high-quality, modern Japanese design makes them a joy to use and a stylish addition to your kitchen. They're also easy to maintain and keep clean, so you know with the right care they'll last you a lifetime.

Product Details

Although fish is a firm favourite food, it's not the easiest to cook or work with in the kitchen, so having something like these Global GS63 - 11cm Fish Bone Tweezers will really make a massive difference when it comes to helping to cook fish properly.

Designed exclusively to remove the bones from fish - especially smaller bones that can often be more difficult to see or access,

Crafted from a robust, high-quality stainless steel, the edges of these Global GS63 - 11cm Fish Bone Tweezers are sharp and thin with a good grip together to be able to carefully pull out even the smallest bones without losing any of the flesh - leaving you with perfectly cooked fish each time.

These Global GS63 - 11cm Fish Bone Tweezers are easy to keep clean and well-maintained simply by washing with some warm water and a light detergent. They should never be placed in the dishwasher or submerged in water.


Product Category Products
Color Stainless steel
Brand Global
Style Global GS Series
Is Knife Yes
Origin Japan
Age Verified No