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Kotetsu 18cm Santoku by Yasuda Hamono (NY100)

Kotetsu 18cm Santoku by Yasuda Hamono (NY100)

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This Kotetsu 18cm Santoku kitchen knife was born and raised in Seki a city of cutlery rich in nature. We are working day and night on research and development such as heat treatment and sharpening that take advantage of the many characteristics of cutlery steel.

Product Details

The Kotetsu range of premium Japanese knives is known for its sharpness, durable steel, and excellent construction, making it an excellent choice for any cook or chef.

Crafted from 17 layers of stainless steel VG10 for the core, the knives feature Damascus and Hammered pressed construction with a mirror-polished surface finish. The handle is made from Walnut and Amber Ferrule.

One notable knife in this range is an alternative to the chef's knife. It is great for cutting, chopping, and mincing vegetables. The blade has a straighter edge than a chef's knife and features a blunted sheepsfoot-tip blade with a thinner spine. This design allows for easy slicing of thin-boned and boneless meats, fish, and vegetables.

Seki City, a small town famous worldwide for its production of fine knives, has a history that dates back 800 years. Seki prospered as the land of Japanese swords, with the superior quality of Seki swords quickly gaining recognition throughout Japan. As a result, Seki became known as a sword-making center. The techniques and skills of traditional Japanese sword making have been passed down and are still alive in today’s modern cutlery industry.

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Product Type Santoku Knives
Product Category Santoku Knives
Brand Yasuda Hamono
Style Kotetsu by Yasuda Hamono
Is Knife Yes
Blade Length 18cm
Type of Steel Damascus
Dishwasher Safe No
Origin Japan
Country of Manufacture Japan
Age Verified Yes