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MAC Ceramic Sharpening Rod

MAC Ceramic Sharpening Rod

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Size: 180 mm

The MAC Ceramic Sharpening Rod is the one tool you will be glad you added to your kitchen when you see just how it keeps your knives looking at their very best for years to come

Product Details

This 18cm MAC Ceramic Sharpening Rod is the perfect way to restore your knives back to their original sharpness. The ceramic material is hard enough to sharpen and retains an edge, but will not leave any metal particles or buildup on the blade. It's even good for serrated blades because they tend to be too delicate for steel rods.

Not only will it ensure your knives are always kept in the best possible shape and remain razor sharp for years to come, the rod itself looks quite the part in any kitchen. From the sleek ceramic rod itself to the classic wooden handle that's easy to grip and won't move around as you use it on your knives.

To ensure the sharpening rod stays in the best shape possible, it should be cleaned only with warm water and a light detergent before being left to fully dry in between each use. It shouldn't be used in the dishwasher, submerged in water, or cleaned with a hard or rough sponge that could cause damage to the rod itself or the handle.

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Brand Mac Knives
Is Knife Yes
Dishwasher Safe No
Origin Japan
Age Verified No