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Microplane Specialty Elite Box Grater (34019)

Microplane Specialty Elite Box Grater (34019)

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A reliable, high-quality selection of kitchenware for daily use that is loved by professionals and home cooks to carry out a variety of tasks in the kitchen and make life easier.

Product Details

The Microplane Elite Box Grater features a photo-etched ultra-sharp and long-lasting blade with five diverse grating styles: fine, coarse, ribbon, shaver, and ultra-coarse. The grated produce can be used for making dessert dishes, such as cheeses and citrus peels. It is simple to create the finest results with precise cutting, and the Elite Box Grater is easy to use. There are clear side windows for monitoring how much has been grated and a tray underneath for transferring the grated ingredients straight to a pan or dish. The Box Grater includes non-slip rubber feet for safety and control and comes with a protective cover for safe storage. It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher without the cover.


SKU 34019
Color Grater
Is Knife No
Origin USA
Age Verified No