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Microplane Gourmet Chilli Set (MIC-36178)

Microplane Gourmet Chilli Set (MIC-36178)

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The Microplane Gourmet Chilli Set (MIC-36178) consist of a Microplane chilli grinder and chillies of the best Birdseye quality. An ideal gift for all cooks who would like to have a fiery experience guaranteed.

Product Details

The fiery whole Birdseye chillies from Africa are gently dried and really spice up the pot.
In addition to the spiciness, the chillies with their fruity-smoky note make many dishes a fiery experience.

The application ranges from a classic chilli con carne to goulash, stews, grilled meat and poultry, Asian sauces and wok dishes or simply chopped up as a table seasoning.

- Chilli grinder
- Precise pressure - cleverly developed spring for optimum pressure on the chilli
- Photo-etched, razor-sharp stainless steel blade
- Cuts precisely and effortlessly and achieves optimal results
- Essential oils unfold - the taste is enhanced
- Spices: Chili, whole 30g


SKU MIC-36178
Product Type Spice Mill
Product Category Microplane Gourmet Series
Brand Microplane
Style Microplane Gourmet Series
Is Knife No
Age Verified No