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Microplane Master Series Extra Coarse Grater (43308)

Microplane Master Series Extra Coarse Grater (43308)

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A reliable, high-quality selection of kitchenware for daily use that is loved by professionals and home cooks to carry out a variety of tasks in the kitchen and make life easier.

Product Details

The Master Series Microplane Extra Coarse Grater has a long-lasting stainless steel blade that is ultra sharp and made of wood sourced from sustainable American Walnut handle. It has a comfortable, grip handle that is perfect for grating a variety of cheeses, carrots, courgettes, and other vegetables. The grater cuts by wounding rather than crushing the ingredients, resulting in a stable, well-grated result. The Grater can be washed by hand and stored in its protective cover.


SKU 43308
Product Category Products
Color Black
Brand Microplane
Is Knife No
Origin USA
Age Verified No