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Microplane Master Truffle Tool 2in1 Slicer & Grater (MIC-43313)

Microplane Master Truffle Tool 2in1 Slicer & Grater (MIC-43313)

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The perfect kitchen tool for all gourmets - slicer & grater in one. Whether risotto, pasta, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, fish or meat, whatever dish you choose, in most recipes the truffle must either be sliced very thin or finely grated. With the new, thoughtfully designed Truffle Tool from the Master Series, you have a choice, as it is specially designed to allow for both slicing and grating.

Product Details

With the straight, razor-sharp blade, the truffle can be easily and quickly sliced to the desired thickness. By simply turning the knob, the thickness of the slices can be infinitely adjusted, from paper-thin to the desired cut thickness.

The slices are not only a visual highlight on dishes, but also give them an intense and distinctive flavor.

But other foods, such as radishes, mushrooms, or strawberries can also be sliced very thin with the slicing blade.

If you prefer to finely grate the precious truffle instead, simply turn the tool around. With the photo-etched stainless-steel blade, the truffle can be precisely cut without much effort and without ripping or tearing. This allows the aroma to develop optimally, and the flavor is enhanced.

The grating surface is also ideal for finely grating chocolate, ginger, nutmeg, or Parmesan.

This smart kitchen tool is perfect for all gourmands and guarantees maximum enjoyment through optimal processing of the food!

Winner of the international Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022. Distinction for high-quality design.

  • Two different blade options - for grating & slicing with precision and ease.
  • Straight Slicer Blade - ultra-sharp & adjustable.
  • Precisely adjust the thickness of slices by simply turning the knob to guarantee uniform slices from paper-thin to the desired thickness.
  • Perfect also for mushrooms, garlic, radishes, strawberries, chocolate, hard cheese and much more.
  • Microplane’s signature FINE Blade- photo-etched, ultra-sharp, stainless steel & long-lasting- Made in USA.
  • Effortless grating for superior results.
  • Perfect also for parmesan, garlic cloves, chocolate, hard spices & much more - for seasoning, garnishing, and serving.
  • Elegant walnut handle, from Kentucky USA.
  • Non-slip rubber foot for comfort and stability while grating.
  • Measurements: 296 / 73 / 16 mm
  • Convenient cleaning: Simply rinse under running water & allow to drip dry.

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SKU MIC-43313
Product Type Grater
Product Category Graters & Peelers
Color Walnut
Brand Microplane
Material Walnut
Style Microplane Master Series
Material Walnut
Is Knife No
Dishwasher Safe No
Age Verified Yes