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Minamoto Kotetsu Petty Knife by Yasuda Hamono

Minamoto Kotetsu Petty Knife by Yasuda Hamono

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Size: 12cm

This Minamoto Kotetsu 12cm Petty Knife kitchen knife was born and raised in Seki a city of cutlery rich in nature. This range is made using 33 layers Damascus VG10 steel with unique forging process, which is making the beautiful and elegant wave of Damascus pattern.

Product Details

The Minamoto Kotetsu range of premium Japanese knives is known for its sharpness, durable steel, and excellent construction and performance—a great choice for any cook or chef.

These knives feature 33 layers of Damascus VG10 steel, crafted through a unique forging process, creating a beautiful and elegant wave pattern known as the Damascus pattern.

The Petty knife, a staple in professional Western kitchens, serves as a small general-purpose knife for tasks such as peeling, shaping, slicing fruits and vegetables, chopping herbs, and creating garnishes. Its compact size and relatively narrow blade make it nimble and controllable, ideal for precise cuts.

Seki-City, a small town with a history dating back 800 years, is famous worldwide for its production of fine knives. Once a prosperous land for Japanese swords, Seki gained renown for the superior quality of its swords, eventually becoming a center for sword making. The techniques and skills of traditional Japanese sword making have been passed down, continuing to thrive in today's modern cutlery industry.


SKU M107
Product Type Petty Knife
Brand Yasuda Hamono
Style Minamoto Kotetsu by Yasuda Hamono
Is Knife Yes
Type of Steel VG10
Dishwasher Safe No
Origin Japan