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MinoSharp 550W/BL - Coarse Wheel for SH-550 (Blue)

MinoSharp 550W/BL - Coarse Wheel for SH-550 (Blue)

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Revered for their high-standard and quality when it comes to sharpening tools, you'll be able to keep your favourite knives in the best shape possible and as sharp as the day you bought them with a MinoSharp sharpening tool.

Product Details

The MinoSharp 550W/BL Coarse Wheel is for use with the SH-550 water sharpener. The SH-550 water sharpener makes use of 3 separate ceramic wheels to give you full control over the sharpness of your knives. If you own an SH-550 sharpener, then it’s essential to ensure the wheels are in the best shape possible since they’re vital for proper sharpening. The MinoSharp 550W/BL wheel is the coarsest of the wheels on the SH-550 and is ideal for sharpening knives that are particularly dull. The wheel will sharpen most brands incredibly well but is ideal for use with Global Knives. Ensure enough water is used with this wheel (and the others in your sharpener) to get the best results.


Product Type Ceramic Sharpening
Product Category Products
Brand Minosharp
Style Minosharp Sharpening
Is Knife No
Origin Japan
Age Verified No