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MinoSharp - Ceramic Shinkansen Sharpener

MinoSharp - Ceramic Shinkansen Sharpener

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Color: Black-Red

Revered for their high-standard and quality when it comes to sharpening tools, you'll be able to keep your favourite knives in the best shape possible and as sharp as the day you bought them with a MinoSharp sharpening tool.

Product Details

The MinoSharp SH220/BR Ceramic Skinkansen Sharpener in black/red provides a professional and stylish solution to help keep your knives as sharp as you need them at all times. Manufactured in Japan at the Yoshikin factory, the MinoSharp SH220/BR features two ceramic wheels - one medium and one coarse, making it easy to sharpen any kind of knife to the highest level of sharpness. The award-winning range of sharpeners from MinoSharp is designed to work best with Global Knives but also works great with other brands too. Ensuring you use enough water when using the sharpener will provide the best results and ensure the ceramic wheels last for as long as possible. The MinoSharp SH220/BR Ceramic Shinkansen Sharpener is without a doubt, an excellent choice for both professional chefs and domestic enthusiasts.


Product Type Ceramic Sharpening
Product Category Products
Style Minosharp Sharpening
Origin Japan