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MinoSharp MS471 - Combination Stone Sharpening Kit (MS-471)

MinoSharp MS471 - Combination Stone Sharpening Kit (MS-471)

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Revered for their high-standard and quality when it comes to sharpening tools, you'll be able to keep your favourite knives in the best shape possible and as sharp as the day you bought them with a MinoSharp sharpening tool.

Product Details

The beautiful combination stone MinoSharp MS471 sharpening kit contains everything you’d want from a whetstone kit, including a double-sided whetstone, guide rails, and a carry case.

The double-sided whetstone gives you versatility when sharpening your knives. On one side is grit 240, and on the backside is grit 1000. This makes it ideal for sharpening most types of knives, and the guide rails make it incredibly easy and intuitive to use, even for those without experience of using sharpeners.

MinoSharp products are manufactured in Japan to the highest standards, and the MS471 sharpening kit is no exception. Overall, it would make a superb choice of whetstone for anyone looking to keep their knives as sharp as possible.


SKU MS-471
Product Category Sharpening Kits
Size 210 x 70 x 5mm
Brand Minosharp
Style Minosharp Sharpening
Is Knife No
Origin Japan
Age Verified No