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MinoSharp MS472 - Combination Stone Sharpening Kit (MS-472)

MinoSharp MS472 - Combination Stone Sharpening Kit (MS-472)

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Revered for their high-standard and quality when it comes to sharpening tools, you'll be able to keep your favourite knives in the best shape possible and as sharp as the day you bought them with a MinoSharp sharpening tool.

Product Details

The MinoSharp MS472 Combination Stone Sharpening Kit is a versatile and high-quality sharpener that's ideal for use in professional and domestic settings. The double-sided stone gives you the ability to sharpen your knives as you need, with one side having a grit 1000 surface and the other a superfine grit 8000. The whetstone comes with its own carry case as well as having guide rails on the side for ease of use. The MinoSharp MS472 is manufactured in Japan using high-quality materials, so you can be sure this sharpener will not only perform to a high standard but last for a long time too. This sharpener would make an excellent choice for any type of kitchen knives and especially those in the Global Knives range.


SKU MS-472
Product Type Sharpening Kits
Product Category Products
Size 210 x 70 x 5mm
Brand Minosharp
Style Minosharp Sharpening
Is Knife No
Origin Japan
Age Verified No