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Miyabi 6000 MCT Shotoh Brown

Miyabi 6000 MCT Shotoh Brown

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Size: 13cm

Miyabi 6000 MCT 13cm Shotoh Brown kitchen knife, a Japanese-style blade with a Tsuchime finish and a pakka wood handle for perfect balance. The blade core is made of MicroCarbide MC63 powder steel embedded in 2 layers of steel for hardness that's about 63 Rockwell.

Product Details

The Miyabi 6000 MCT 13cm Shotoh Brown Chef's Knife is a perfect balance of hardness, sharpness, and strength. The blade core is made of MicroCarbide MC63 powder steel embedded in 2 layers of steel.

This provides a hardness of approximately 63 Rockwell (an international standard unit of measurement for hardness). Cryodur® ice-hardened blades provide particularly good cutting edge retention, corrosion resistance, and optimum blade flexibility.

The authentic Japanese blade profile with Tsuchime look (hammered finish) ensures incredible sharpness, while the symmetrical blade with an ultra-sharp Honbazuke edge provides flawless cuts.

This knife is made from dimensionally-stable pakka wood, providing a perfect balance, outstanding comfort, and fatigue-free cutting with any type of food.

Thanks to the ultra-sharp blade, this knife excels in chopping and dicing tasks, handling fruits, tougher vegetables, and larger cuts of meat or fish with complete ease and precision.

To ensure the knife stays in the best shape possible, it should be sharpened regularly and cleaned only with warm water and a light detergent before being left to fully dry between each use.

It shouldn't be used in the dishwasher, submerged in water, or cleaned with a hard or rough sponge that could cause damage to the blade.

This knife would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook, or even just a treat for yourself if your current knives are starting to look a bit worn, and you'd like to invest in professional-quality knives that you know will last.

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SKU 34072-131-0
Product Type Shotoh Knife
Product Category Miyabi Individual Knives
Brand Miyabi
Style Miyabi 6000 MCT
Type of Steel Cryodur®
Dishwasher Safe No
Age Verified Yes