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Miyabi Empty Bamboo Nature Knife Block (34532-100-0)

Miyabi Empty Bamboo Nature Knife Block (34532-100-0)

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The Miyabi Empty Bamboo Nature Knife Block offers a stylish way to store your knives. Made of exotic wood, the knife block has plenty of space for storing many knives. The knife block is magnetic, so knives stick to the surface. This helps you choose the right knife in seconds and creates a visually interesting effect.

Product Details

This is a very special knife block. It is made of exotic wood, which goes well with the MIYABI knives, as all these products are Japanese in style. At 20.5 cm x 42.5 cm x 23 cm the block offers plenty of space for storing lots of knives. The knife block is magnetic. The knives stick to the magnetic surface, as this attracts them. This doesn’t just create a visually interesting effect, but means you can also access the knife you need in a matter of seconds. A special feature of this product is that the magnet is attached invisibly under the surface of bamboo so that it looks like it floats on top of it.This knife block is a stylish yet practical way to store your knives so that your countertops and drawers are free from clutter and everything is always where you need it.To keep this knife block looking at its best, simply wipe it down after each use with a cloth, some warm water, and a little detergent if needed. Avoid damage by leaving to air dry in an upright position, do not submerge in water or place in the dishwasher.Dimensions: 23 cm x 42.5 cm x 20.5 cmMaximum blade height 30 cmMaximum blade length 27 cm


SKU 34532-100-0
Product Type Knife Set
Product Category Knife Block Without Knives
Brand Miyabi
Style Miyabi Hinoki
Is Knife Yes
Dishwasher Safe No
Age Verified No