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Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef 180mm Gyuto Knife (SK-10011)

Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef 180mm Gyuto Knife (SK-10011)

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Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef 180mm Gyuto Knife (SK-10011) is part of the Grand Chef series. The series achieve the three important functions for the first time. Extra razor-sharp, very light and surprisingly durable.

Product Details

The knife is 100% entirely made of this special highest-grade quality material by Bohler-Uddeholm with the lowest impurities, that is forged in Japan to get higher hardness about HRC 61~62. In addition to the better material, the blade is processed to get thinner for extra light weight.

  • Blade Steel Type: Top Class High Carbon Stainless Steel by Bohler-Uddeholm
  • Hardness Rockwell C scale: 61-62
  • Knife Type: Gyuto Knife
  • Blade Length: 180mm (7.1in.)
  • Total Length: 295mm (11.6in.)
  • Weight: 160g
  • Blade Edge : Double edged (50/50 balanced, available for both left and right-handed)
  • Made in JAPAN

The Gyuto is an adaptation of the western slicing or carving knife profile for the Japanese market. However unlike a Western Cooks knife that is predominantlymeant only for meat, its versatility is the same a santoku and can be used as a general-purpose knife for any task. Many would consider a Gyuto to be essential knife for cook with all other knives being secondary. Compared to a Western style chef’s knife, a Gyuto has a somewhat flatter profile: this profile lends itself well to push-cutting which is common for Japanese chefs, as opposed to rock-chopping. Gyuto knives also tend to be thinner at the edge as well as the spine than most Western chef’s knives and as a result have less lateral toughness and care should be taken not to torque the blade while cutting to minimize the risk of chipping.

Sakai Takayuki Knives by Aoki Hamono Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. has been cultivated through a long 600-year history in Sakai which is a city known best as a home of cutlery for the professionals in Japan. Each knife is hand sharpened to ensure maximum sharpness out of the box. We highly recommend you to once experience the Takayuki quality.

Knives are not for sale to persons under the age of 18 - All knives and bladed products are dispatched through Age Verified Delivery (AVD). The carrier may ask for proof of age during the delivery process. If valid proof of age is unavailable, or if the recipient is underage, the carrier will decline the delivery.

SKU SK-10011
Product Type Gyutoh Knife
Product Category Japanese Knives
Brand Sakai Takayuki
Style Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef
Is Knife Yes
Type of Steel Top Class High Carbon Stainless Steel by Bohler-Uddeholm
Dishwasher Safe No
Origin Japan
Age Verified Yes