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Zwilling Pro Chinese Chefs Knife 18cm (38419-181-0)

Zwilling Pro Chinese Chefs Knife 18cm (38419-181-0)

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The Zwilling Pro Chinese Chef's Knife is a Chinese style chef’s knife designed with the most discerning cooks in mind and when maintained correctly will last for many years to come.

Product Details

The Zwilling Pro Chinese Chef's knife is one that will blow all other kitchen knives out the water thanks to its sheer power. Whether using for everyday tasks such as chopping, dicing, and cutting, or simply for those times when you need something with a bit more power to cut through a larger joint of meat or fish, this knife is really going to be one you'll be glad to have on hand.

The ergonomic synthetic handle for fatigue-free and safe working with an exposed tang provides extra grip while working in wet or greasy conditions. The Pro touch bolster which provides a different angle which encourages a pinch grip, enabling better control of the knife and also adds to its safety as well as its overall ease of use.

As well as being a truly powerful knife for pretty much any task in the kitchen, it's a stylish one, too, that when treated with care will last for many years to come.

To ensure the knife stays in the best shape possible, it should be sharpened regularly, and should be cleaned only with warm water and a light detergent before being left to fully dry in between each use. It can be used in the dishwasher, but handwashing is always recommended where possible. You should also avoid harsh sponges to prevent damage to the blade or handle.

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SKU 38419-181-0
Product Type Chefs Knives
Product Category Chef's / Cooks Knives
Brand Zwilling
Style Zwilling Pro
Is Knife Yes
Type of Steel Chromium Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe No
Origin Germany
Age Verified Yes