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Zwilling Pro Steak Knife 12cm (38409-121-0)

Zwilling Pro Steak Knife 12cm (38409-121-0)

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The Zwilling Pro Steak Knife is a true powerhouse of a knife that's loved by chefs and home cooks alike. A truly versatile and precise knife that gets the job done each and every time without the hassle that's usually involved with cutting when using some other knives.

Product Details

The Zwilling Pro Steak Knife is known as the most user-friendly knife on the market today, with a two-stage V-edge process. The blade is forged from chromium steel, ice-hardened to resist corrosion, and hand sharpened for the perfect cutting edge. The ergonomic handle is designed for fatigue-free and safe working, with an exposed tang to bolster your pinch grip. The riveted synthetic material is dishwasher safe, though it's always recommended to hand wash where possible and to avoid harsh chemicals and submersion in water for too long. Made in Germany so you know that you're getting a truly quality product.

The 12cm blade is designed to cut through your steak with perfect precision and ease each and every time, and could also be used for cutting other types of meat if needed. So, pour yourself a glass of your favourite red and serve up a steak dinner that you'll never forget - while this steak knife makes it easier than ever to cut right through so you can focus on actually enjoying your food instead of cutting it.

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SKU 38409-121-0
Product Type Steak Knife
Product Category Steak Knives
Brand Zwilling
Style Zwilling Pro
Is Knife Yes
Type of Steel Chromium Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe No
Origin Germany
Age Verified Yes