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MAC Original Series Peeling Knife 10cm (CP)

MAC Original Series Peeling Knife 10cm (CP)

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When it comes to quality knives, MAC is a name you can trust to provide you with something that does the job each and every time. The MAC Original Series Peeling Knife is one that every household should have.

Product Details

With their longstanding reputation that spans more than 40 years, it's no surprise that so many people turn to MAC when looking to purchase kitchen knives that are effective, easy to handle, and built to last. This MAC Original Series Peeling Knife is no exception.

The ultra-sharp blade measures 10cm, ensuring it will slice through even the toughest textures with ease. Crafted from the finest quality materials, the blade comprises durable Chromium and Molybdenum, while the handle is made from a strong yet lightweight laminated composite plate that's easy on the hands and doesn't slip when being used - even on tougher or larger items.

Although this is considered a heavy-duty knife in terms of its capabilities, it's extremely lightweight and easy to use. Plus, the rounded edge means that it's very safe to use. Another great selling point of this MAC Original Series Peeling Knife is the hole at the end of the blade, allowing you to hang it to save storage and keep it within easy reach any time you need it.

To keep this knife in the best condition, make sure you wash and dry it thoroughly after each use.

Pair this everyday peeling knife with one of our high-quality chopping boards and start cooking up a storm in your kitchen.

Knives are not for sale to persons under the age of 18 - All knives and bladed products are dispatched through Age Verified Delivery (AVD). The carrier may ask for proof of age during the delivery process. If valid proof of age is unavailable, or if the recipient is underage, the carrier will decline the delivery.


Product Type Peeling Knife
Product Category Peeling Knives
Color Composite Plate
Brand Mac Knives
Style MAC Original Series
Is Knife Yes
Blade Length 17cm
Type of Steel Chromium and Molybdenum
Dishwasher Safe No
Origin Japan
Age Verified Yes